“being under the care of charles scarpulla chiropractic has been very beneficial for our family. several years ago our daughter was diagnosed with an ear infection. it was apparent that the medication prescribed caused more harm than good.  within three days our daughter’s condition was resolved.  we remain loyal patients of dr. scarpulla’s and his competent friendly staff.   we recommend dr. scarpulla!!!!
- family of four, valley cottage

"scarpulla chiropractic is the first and only chiropractor i have been to.  after years of training i was due for and adjustment.  after the first few adjustments,  my performance in the gym has sky rocketed.  i go once a week for maintainence.  i have been pain free and gym progress has been phenomemnal!"
- amatuer body builder, nanuet

"dr. scarpulla and his staff are very friendly and always accomodating. i have been going to dr. scarpulla for 6 years and he has really helped with my back pani. i would recommend him to all my friends!!"
- joan

"we first came in when my 5 year old was "sick" with a runny nose and a persistent cough. in a month of 2x weekly visits, the cough was gone, his nose was dry, and overall he slept better. it was the only thing that helped."
- barbara

"there's nothing like going to dr. chuck and getting an adjustment. such relief!"
- jenna

"i highly recommend scarpulla chiropractic. dr. scarpulla does wonderful work. i've been coming here since the birth of my daughter and i've made excellent progress. i'm a busy mom and scarpulla chiropractic is conveniently located with great hours. again -- i highly recommend."
- cynthia

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